Mistakes Not Blow Drying Your Hair

Let's start at the begin

1. Leaving your hair too wet

· Towel or rough dry first hair should be about 65% dry before you start to blow out hair.

2. Start blow drying at the tips of your hair

· Can leave your hair flat and frizzy.

· Start at Front hairline using a brush to lift the hair up from roots to ends.

3. Not sectioning your

· could lead to tangling and knots.

· Try sectioning your hair in three to four sections depending on thickness and length

4. Using your blow dryer on too high of a setting. Adjust your heat and airflow settings based on your hair type.

· For fine or thin hair low to medium heat and airflow setting is perfect

· For thicker hair a bit more heat with lower airflow setting

· Remember to always finish with a cool shot!

5. Using the wrong brush

· Round brushes with metal cores heat up when blow drying

· For smoothing use, a paddle brush the larger surface smooths while drying

· Boar and nylon bristles are the best especially if you are prone to flyaways

6. Moving too fast

· Allow the hair to cool on the brush

· This will make your blowout last longer

7. Not using a nozzle

· Nozzle allowed airflow to be concentrated where you want it and not all over the place

Here’s a recap of do’s

1. Hair should be about 65% dry before using the blow dryer

2. Use a protective spray

3. Section your hair into three or more sections

4. Use a Nozzle for straight looks use a concentrator direct the heat and minimize flyaways. For curly hair use a diffuser to spread the heat and preserve bounce and reduce frizz

5. Starting in the front work from roots to ends of strand

6. Tip adding dry shampoo to the roots will help the blowout last longer and add volume. Repeat the next day or two if need to extend your blowout

And That’s It ….Happy Blow Drying!

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