Summer, Sun, Sea, Sand is a B_ _ _h On Your Hair.

The sun admit stronger rays that dry out hair during the summer, especially if it chemically treated. To help minimize damage you should treat your locs with hair mask.

So the summer heat intensifies the damage with heated styling tools, plus there chlorine in the pool the hair getting wet then being dried by the sun through the day takes its toll.

Tips to for your hair during summer..

1 Wear A Hat—protects from direct sun rays

2. Apply loads of conditioner to add a layer of protection. The sun will help intensify the conditioning benefits.

3. Use a Hair Mask— Add it to your next Blow Dry Bar visit or apply at home

4. Switch your Shampoo & Conditioner to Hydrating and a serum to the ends.

There you have it 4 Tips to Help Your Hair Have a Less Stressful Summer

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